Bow blind up !


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I built the blind, purchased the tower a few years ago, and hunted it one season on our lease. When the timber guys moved in and I had no idea how much they were gonna cut, I moved it out lest a tree jump on it. It’s been in my tractor shed for two years now so I decided to put it up on my largest food plot at home. My son, his indentured servant (a young fellow that hunts on his lease), and I put this up early yesterday morning while it was “cool”. I’m sure more pigs will die here than deer, but that’s ok too.
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It started with a cattle panel turned in a circle, adding a foot to the height (where the red dots are it’s welded) and a manufactured plastic dome. I fabricated a door and simple hinges (it just lifts off). Wrapped it in heavy black plastic, camo burlap and then the military style camo netting. It has three window openings with shoot through netting on them. The one facing the CanAm hasn’t been uncovered, where it was previously I didn’t have a shot on that side. I will remedy that soon.
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