Boom attachment for backpack sprayer


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I'm in the market for a boom attachment for my 4G Chapin hand pump backpack sprayer. Does anyone have one they like or don't like? I want to get even coverage for maintaining a walking trail around my pollinator planting and grass control in a limestone parking area.
I can't say that I've ever seen one. Maybe some blue indicator would help you ensure even coverage.
You might consider a fogger/mister if you have a larger area to cover. They can spray up to 30 feet. I use mine for everything from spraying herbicide or foliar fertilizer over large areas, to spraying fungicide on apple trees.

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I have the Solo 4 nozzle boom attachment. It works ok and should be fine for what you’re wanting to do with the walking trails.

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4 foot wide, 4 Flat Fan nozzle boom. Can be used on the end of a wand or can be used with the attachment frame.