Sprayer for fire suppression and herbicide application


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I need a new sprayer and was thinking I could get something to help with prescribed burns, burn piles and spraying food plots. I had been looking a 3 point sprayers for herbicide and UTV skid sprayers for help with burning. I didn’t really want to go with 2 different sprayer due to storage. I was originally convinced I could go with a skid sprayer from Northern Tool. I think the skid sprayer run around $1800 new and I haven’t had any luck finding anything used. I wanted to buy a better sprayer for herbicide but they aren’t cheap either.
These guys aren’t too far from me and have this sprayer

65 gal. poly leg tank
1-1/2” sq. tube frame w/ hand holds
GX160 Honda engine w/Udor KAPPA-25 pump (350 PSI/7 GPM max.)
1/2” x 100’ manual hose reel w/ 100’ of 1/2” FR 500 PSI hose
5 GPM Hypro adjustable spray gun
Pressure gauge

They said they could add a Boominator nozzle with a 23’ or 30’ spray that runs at 20psi 3gpm and add a electric solenoid and switch to control the boom when applying herbicide.

It’s not cheap, but it would be nice to have a all in one sprayer
Does anyone have a sprayer you use for both fire and herbicide? Seems all the herbicide specific sprayers with the wand don’t have quite the output for fire suppression.

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Like most equipment that is a compromise, it probably won't be great at either. I have an Enduraplas Xstream that is higher pressure and lower flow compared to their 365 Model. It was recommended because i wanted the reach to spray trees. I works way better for burning fields than my old 25 gal ATV sprayer! It only puts out 6 GPM but it'll spray a long distance and the turbo hand wand is pretty awesome. The 365 model puts out 22 GPM at less pressure and would have probably been a lot better for fires.
The one above looks nice. 350 psi is pretty wild. Hopefully it is adjustable and has a good recirc or I'd think it would be hard on parts. The nice thing about buying local is that you can actually visit and get a feel for the company and quality of the build.
By the way, I'd rather have the UTV skid than a three point. Bouncing around a burn on a tractor sucks compared to a UTV, and it's nice to have a little speed when needed.
That’s what I’m trying to avoid is a compromise, but I feel like it’s unavoidable. We are going to be burning a lot, especially over the next year as year. We have about 125 acres of cedar that we are getting rid of. It will be nice to have a sprayer to have available.
The remaining 75 acres we do prescribed burns on. That sprayer is originally intended as a UTV fire suppression sprayer. Maybe I just get one of those and keep looking for a herbicide sprayer.

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If it really puts out only 7 gpm it should do fine as a boomless. Maybe even a boom if it's not huge. Mine is limited to a 20 ft boom with 6 gpm.
I have a 40 gallon Cropcare UTV sprayer for spraying fence lines. It’s an awesome sprayer that has a great hand wand. They make a boom kit that’s pretty nifty that I’m thinking about getting for this year. We have a big 3pt sprayer for the tractor to spray pastures and big destination foodplots but we have found spraying most of our smaller foodplots is easier and faster spraying from the ATV/UTVs. We’ve been using a cheap sprayer with boom less nozzle that works pretty decent but again thinking about ponying up for new boom for the cropcare.