Bonus buck


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I’ve pretty much been staying out of my Ohio farm this month but I ended up having a great hunt just down the road from my home in SW Pennsylvania on Friday morning. I never scouted this spot on foot, only by maps. I have seen nice bucks around a subdivision to the SE. Had an east wind Friday so I decided to take a chance and do my first sit in the area. Flawless access. I always heard people talk about hearing a deer cough but I’ve never heard it. I heard it that morning at 8 AM from what I suspected was the bedding area. After convincing myself it had to be a deer cough, I made two young buck grunts. He came to investigate about 5-10 minutes later. He stepped into a 28 yard opening and the Rage did the rest. This one is for my patient wife and for my Daddy who I lost to cancer 4 years ago this October.