Bears hunting fawns


I was mowing trails on my hunting property and came around a corner and there 20 feet away was a bear in the middle of the trail. When I stopped it stood up on its hind legs and faced the mower. Knew I couldn’t outrun it on a mower so revved the motor several times and it dropped down and ran into the brush. This section of my property is thick with honeysuckle and Russian olive. Does come in there every spring to have their fawns. We have not seen bears in that section before. When bear stood up I could see it was a sow and had been nursing cubs. Hunting an easy meal ?
Probably. I’m no bear expert, but from what I read it seems they are rougher on fawns, deer and elk, than coyotes are.
I'd kill all you legally could. I don't need more bear rugs but every year I have the time, I buy a tag and try to help out the local deer and elk.
I have found the remains of fawn kills before but not on my property yet. We have taken 2 bears in the last 10 years and love eating them as well as deer. I actually think they make better sausage than deer.
Believe it or not, we are starting to get bears in SW Texas. Of course there is no season on them so I guess TPWD will just ignore them until they are as populated as the hogs. At least I’ll be long gone by the time they get to East Texas.
That must have been quite an encounter with the bear on your hunting property! Good thing you knew what to do and revved up the mower to scare it away. It's possible that she was just passing through or could have been attracted to the honeysuckle and Russian olive in the area. On a side note, check out the fly fishing deals. They have some great offers on fly fishing gear that might interest you. Happy hunting, and stay safe out there!
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