AU Buck Chesnuts?

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Since we switched over from QDMA forums we lost the old thread. Any updates from the guys that planted the AU Buck Chestnuts? I planted a package 2 years ago and it looks like I only have on survivor from that group. I am debating on trying it again or just simply getting some other chestnuts. Ideas/thoughts?
I do like the package this year better two au buck IV seedlings and one each of the au buck iii and iv
Yeah mine did very little growth the first year. The 2 year old that is still alive is now 7 ft tall.

Yeah I am thinking about trying the package again or maybe just buying some individual trees.
I think they sell them when the trees are too young. I baby my trees like crazy, but I think I've lost half my AU chestnuts because of graft failure. The graft has broken on numerous seedlings.

If you buy them I would keep them at home for a year in a big rootmaker pot then plant them when they've had a chance to mature/strengthen.
I should have done that though if I remember right you tubed yours I planted my like a lot of people do a apple tree. Curious if the graft does any better.
My experience with them has been varied. I planted my first dozen about 3 years ago. Got them from WG very late in the year. They were extremely slow getting going and I lost several. The trees were very small and I basically got the leftover crap. I planted another dozen 2 years later and they were much better trees. As a matter of fact it ended up both plantings came out of the tubes at about the same time. I am heading for the farm tommorrow and will get some pics.Actually had a few burs this year. I have had a problem with tubes in that when the tree gets a foot or so out of the tube a bird lands on it and breaks it.
I see that The Wildlife Group is shipping their AU Buck chesnuts in 3 gallon rootmaker bags this year, thus hopefully having a better root system.
Well it is looking like my final AU chestnut from the original group has died above the graft. Not sure what to think. All of my other trees from TWG have done well
Chestnuts have weird comparability issues, I think you are more likely to have a success with but grafting them.

If I understand it right it helps the original tree develop it's own roots so you avoid incompatibility problems.

Unfortunately TWG I think now tbuds or chip buds them which is a making a weak great union especially if they aren't really that compatible