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Hey guys. I've reached a point with a little food plot I have been messing with where I would like to shift gears. I am giving up on trying to plot a 3/4 acre strip of ground due to time limitations, lack of interest and a few other factors. I let it go fallow last year and the amount of lambsquarter and giant ragweed was astounding. I would like to put this back to some native grass species and I fear letting it go will result in a strip of brome if I do nothing. It is a strip of ground that sits between what will eventually be bottom fields planted to deer food and a pasture that is devoid of any cover. The pasture is primarily little bluestem, big bluestem and indiangrass. I want it to be a strip of taller grasses. Is a stand of pure switchgrass better than a mix of several of the taller grass species? What this will do is give me a chance to try my hand at planting native grasses with plenty of time to react to any mistakes I make. If I can get it established it will also provide cover for several species since that is something we lack. Thoughts?

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I recommend calling Roundstone Native Seed and asking to talk with John. Tell him exactly what you want to accomplish and all about the ground you want to plant. There are upland and lowland varieties of switchgrass, and you need to match the variety to your growing conditions. Also, there are improved varieties of the native grasses you already have (Big Blue, Indian, Little Blue). You might want to consider a mix with some improved varieties. Even Little Blue gets over 5 feet tall in my prairie, and Big Blue will get over 9 feet tall. Indian will be close to Big Blue.

People overlook improved varieties when it comes to NWSGs. The native partridge pea in my area gets 13 inches tall. The improved cultivar of partridge pea I planted get 6 feet tall. Just saying...... Good luck.
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