Applying gly in cool weather

Tom Naumcheff

New Member
I'd like to take advantage of a break in my schedule tomorrow and put gly on a plot full of rye grass. However the temps are only supposed to get up to around 50 tomorrow and possible frost that night. Am I wasting my time applying gly with those temps? Thanks
I believe it will work but not nearly as well as it should. Off the top of my head you don’t want the temps dropping lower than the 40s at night after applying glyphosate.
Best to apply when night time temps remain above 50 for one week.

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Gly works best early before the target weeds get too big, but the weeds do need to have some green growth for the gly to work. I'd say it's a little too early for zone 6/7.
A top specialist just told me it took temps of 60 degrees for chemicals to work. So I'm holding off. It was a day of 80 degrees last week when I sprayed grass killer in my clover plots. Re fixing my sprayer and what to redo next week when it's in the mid 60's.