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I revamped my spreadsheet for more references and accessible information. I would like this to be a community sheet. Add more varieties as you have time or have experience with. For those with knowledge of your own personal variety, please list all the information available on it or where it is found.

You are welcome to download it and add to it just make sure your updating the publicly accessible file as well. :)
Thanks for sharing. I added some notes for you about DR under personal experience for a few apples.
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Thanks for sharing.

But now I'm worried about one. I planted 2 Black Oxford because what I had researched showed pretty good resistance to the major apple diseases. Your list shows very susceptible. Just wondering if you could interject any more info.


I did a lot of research, so my eyes apparently glazed over when I copy & pasted its disease resistance rating, should be 'some resistance' Mostly because very vague information is available for it.

Here are some references...

That preference led me to the apple Bunker wanted me to plant, and away from the one I wanted to—the stunning Black Oxford, which, if pressed, he admits is his favorite. Even in late winter, it had quintessential apple flavor. But many factors go into deciding which tree to plant, Bunker reminded me: when the apple is at its best (anywhere from August until March; winter apples come into their own in storage), the tree’s resistance to disease, and whether you want to make pies, sauce, or cider, or just eat apples out of hand.

Some insect and disease resistance.

Disease resistance
  • General resistance: Good

Said to be tolerant of insects and disease.

Spread was corrected in-regards to black oxford.

I added some notes on DR for a few apples in your spreadsheet - Priscilla, Black Limbertwig, Brushy Mtn Limbertwig and maybe a couple of others I have experience with. I put these over under "personal experience." You can look at these and see if you want to keep them.