Anybody ever hear anything from member/moderator Brushpile?


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I used to look forward to all of his postings on his 20 acre brushpile farm. He posted a lot of drought post but the past 2 years his area has been deluged with rain so I was wondering how his place rebounded?
So much has changed from a decade ago when the old site was at it's zenith. Really miss some of the guys like Brushpile and others. I notice that traffic on all forums slowly drops each year and I assume it's because more and more migrate to things like Facebook. Haven't logged in to FB since 2013 and recently killed my Instagram page. Only social media for me is this site, HT and the local GON forum.

Perhaps when I retire I'll return to other social media. I do love me some YouTube channels.
Brushpile has gotten to the point he has to cut down good trees to thin out his ground. Last time I visited with him to pick up a pup for a man in Maryland, we walked his ground and time and time again, he asked me which one I would cut down to release some trees.

He is 100% into his Wire Haired Daschunds. I picked up a pup and handed it off to a man that is now one of the top trackers in Maryland. I met him at Cabelas in Bowling Green, KY. I have shed hunted his farm in Butler County, KY. So when I picked up his pup I fell in love with those pups.

My wife was not real happy when I told her I had one on the way. She got real cold when I told her she already owned 75% of the pup I was going to get. Jackpot is my pup's name and he was 3 years old 2 months ago.

Brushpile's place is a very unique habitat laboratory. All kinds of diversity and the pond that was used to save plants and trees during some horrible droughts.

So he has no ground left to plant anything and is in the position of cutting down trees to release the best of what he has.

If you have a question about drought resistance plants and trees, Brushpile is your man. He posts on FB under Deer Tracking Dog.