Allgood Acres

These hills of Kentucky are pretty, but also pretty hard on a guy toting a backpack sprayer full of chemicals to cull unwanted trees. I followed a forester around who was marking while I was spraying. It took 20 gallons to spray everything marked, but I got it done. The trees basal sprayed with a 20-25% mix of triclopyr 4 and 75-80% diesel were tree of heaven, royal paulownia, maples, beech, redbuds, and a couple more species.


I needed a break after climbing out of one holler and looked around to find a nice shady rock to sit on. He looked up at me as if to say, "Spots taken." So, I found another spot to give them some privacy.


Did not like finding this. I'm sure the coyotes as well as some other critters were well fed.


The farmer planting my corn field was busy getting it ready.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 100645.jpg

In late summer/early fall, I'm going to do some strip disking to encourage some more forbs and ready some more firebreaks to burn a couple small areas. There's good pockets of pollinator species mixed in, but the grasses are little too much in some areas for what I'm going for.