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After years of leasing properties, I've decided to own. Here's our 41 acre slice of Adair county, Kentucky.

My mind is racing with everything I want to do and how to do it. I've been combing through different programs offered by the NRCS to see if one may help me develop the property. NWSG seem to be a great fit for this property. Also, I want to add lots of food. We'll see how it progresses.

I love the amount of edge, the topography, and the soils on the ridge top field are really good. There were well used beds, rubs, and scrapes all along the treeline.

Hay bale blinds will be one of my main types of ambush locations.


Ben, welcome to the forum, and I look forward to your land tour.

For some reason, the only picture I can see is the first one you posted. This looks similar to what happened to me when I started using Google Photos. I switched to Imgur and the problem cleared up. Some folks also use Tapatalk and it works great too.

Edit: I can see the pics just fine on the other forum but not on this one.
Welcome to the forum! If your predominant winds are out of the west, you'll need to focus on access, and probably ambushing deer crossing into your property on their way to food. I'd do whatever you can to get in the good graces of the property owner to the east. I look forward to following your journey.
Thanks guys. I'm excited to start on my own piece of ground and in Kentucky. I've been doing deer and land management for a long time, but always on leased ground. Time to get my own place. I've read a lot of @Native Hunter posts, and they are something I'll strive for. He sure knows what he's doing. That's one of the reasons I'm looking into NRCS programs that deal with NWSG plantings.
I can see the pictures good now Ben. I love the lay of the land in your area of the county, and looks like you have a lot of good help for habitat building. Looking forward to tagging along in your thread.
I can see the pictures good now Ben. I love the lay of the land in your area of the county, and looks like you have a lot of good help for habitat building. Looking forward to tagging along in your thread.
Thanks, I'm going to try to mimic some of your ideas. They definitely seem to work.

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Looks awesome Ben! Beautiful country, if I ever get exiled from Arkansas I'm pulling a Geo and move to the bluegrass state.

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Great place you have. And great to have the family involved. Good luck with your endeavors, but watch that Native guy. Pretty sure he feeds his deer cocaine, which is prob legal in Kentuk.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new property! I think I may have driven right by it on my way back from Nashville last night.

Looking forward to following along.
Looks like a great place with a large variety of habitat features! Access is going to be crucial to get into some of the more interior stand locations but you could turn that place into a honey hole. Following Native's setup would be a great start!
Working on different designs and welcome thoughts.

Red - human intrusion (blind and access trails)

Green - 1/2 acre food plots

Yellow - NWSG (I want to get with the NRCS and see what options there are) about 14 acres as laid out

White - property line

I may have a little bit of road screening to do on the south end in one spot, but for the most part, there's a berm type lay to the land where you can't really see over the top and down to the wood edge except in a couple small areas.

Good looking layout. Just a thought, but from experience, you can spread your deer out too much but adding too many plots. 5 plots on your 43 acres could have your whole herd spread out in 5 different locations in the afternoon while you’re on stand.

I would suggest maybe thinking of having one or two large destination plots in the center or the property that can be hunted with little disturbance from you.

Just a thought
I like the access trail up the edge of the Parkway for multiple reasons. I especially like it for the prevailing Southwest / West wind in the area. As far as plots, I would avoid any locations that can be seen from the highway or a neighboring property.
I would put one large plot in the center of the middle field and plant NWSG where you have the plot now. It’s currently very close to the property line.

I have a plot on the edge of a property line and it gets a little pressure from my neighbors. I don’t blame them and didn’t have much of a choice based on the dirt available elsewhere. If I did have a choice, I’d put the big destination plot right in the center.