Allegheny Chinkapin Cross Pollination


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I picked up about a dozen Allegheny Chinkapin seeds the other day and am going to plant next spring.
I have some isolated American Chestunt trees that were planted in pairs but one died off. Will the AC naturally pollinate an American Chestnut?
I could not find this info anywhere online. I did read that the AC will naturally pollinate a Chinese Chestnut so if this is true I would assume they could not pollinate an American naturally because of flowering time. My Chinese will not pollinate my Americans because the flowering times are separated by a couple weeks.
If I hand pollinate an American from an Allegheny Chinkapin, are the nuts larger on the AC? Smaller on the American?
I’m curious how this works. Maybe someone who has a Allegheny/Chinese hybrid could explain how this works.
I have a seven year old Allegheny planted near some Dunstans that flowered this year. The AC tried to set nuts but none of them got pollinated. The other piece to this story is that I started out with two Allegheny’s and one died the year before last. So now I’m left with one tree that would probably produce nuts if there as another AC around to pollinate it.


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Interesting, so it sounds like they won’t naturally pollinate each other. I’ve heard that dunstans flower same time as Chinese chestnuts so sounds like I would need to store pollen and hand pollinate if I wanted any hybrids. I was hoping they would just naturally pollinate each other but make sense that they wouldn’t since American chestnuts and ACs are both native.
I’m still curious what hybrid trees and nuts would look like crossing the AC with the Am chestnut.