American Chestnut


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I know this is probably a long shot but I’m looking for a verifiable source of American Chestnut. I have a nice little spot in mind away from all of my Chinese trees and would like to get a few started. I also realize it’s a little early for nuts right now but thought I’d go ahead and put in my request. I will have plenty of late dropping Chinese Chestnut, Concordia Oak, DCO, Chinkapin and Burr to trade. Also $$ if you’re not interested in trades. Let me know what you got.


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Join the ACF! Allen Nichols is the head of the NY chapter. I know they give seeds away, and will sell them on occasion as well.

Last time I tried they said I could join but they wouldn’t send me any nuts as I’m in Texas and not within the native range for American Chestnut. This was several years ago. I wasn’t aware that they sold them too.


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I found a really nice one on my place this weekend. Already showing blight but reached a good size first.



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Can’t remember if someone on here sent me some American chestnut nuts or not? I didn’t do a very good job of who sent me the seed. In any event I ended up with four viable nuts and here they are.


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