Alfalfa, clover, chicory


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Mixed it up and planted this mix. We have alfalfa and clover fields but have never mixed the both or added chicory. Since we got some clearcast herbicide this also allowed and is going to help us out! After lots of rain early, the past two weeks have been pretty dry, they are calling for chances of showers everyday this week so fingers crossed! Hoping to get out electric fence up this week as well as you can tell they are smoking it!


Looks good I'm tempted to try that mix sometime. I couldn't quite tell by the pics is that mostly clover at this point? When did you plant and what kind of clover? Alfalfa on it's own can be a problematic food plot planting, it'll be interesting to see how it works in a mix. Keep posting pics as the summer progresses.
I have the same mix in a 5 yo plot. The chicory has really exploded this year for some reason. Its about 1/3 mix still growing of each of alfalfa WC and chicory. Weeds are there but manageable. Hope to expand the plot since I was surprised its done so well this long. Good luck, deer will like. And its great during dry days of summer.
There is a lot of clover but the mix I used was 9 pounds of alfalfa and 6 pounds of a ladino clover and chicory mix for a half acre plot. The mix had more clover than it was chicory but you can see some of it coming up! Not exactly sure the date when it was planted but it was about 4 weeks ago I believe. We have had lots of success with alfalfa alone plots and the deer destroy it. It's a RR alfalfa seed.