2018 corn planting


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Well, I’m pooped. Today was corn planting today on the farm, and I planted 10 acres into standing rye. Normally I terminate the rye 2 weeks before planting but this year life got in the way.

The rye was freaking huge but the planter did ok. Soil conditions were pretty much perfect. I planted 2-2.5” deep to try to avoid some of the alleopathic effects of the dying rye.

After planting I sprayed everything with a very hot dose of glyphosate. Rye is difficult to kill with chemicals when it’s mature, and this rye was definitely getting close to maturity! I hope it works.




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I wish I had a roller crimper like Baker. It would have worked perfectly in this case. I will keep y’all posted
Crazy to think you are planting corn and I am wading through knee deep snow and hoping it reaches 40 degrees so the maple trees run enough to start cooking more maple syrup.

Yep, still more than knee deep here. We’re supposed to see some 40s and sun this week. So I’m hoping to frost seed some clover next weekend. With a late spring, it will be end of May/first week of June before my corn goes in.
Wow that rye is thick. Anything else planted with it last fall? I'm like the others, 8" of snow past Wed and another 20" yesterday. Not much work at the farm going on for me this weekend.
Crimson clover was planted with it. I think I planted 100 lb per acre rye with 10 lb crimson clover.

I’m going to have a million volunteer peas with the corn. I had a great pea crop before the rye (which is why I think the rye is so healthy).
I'm sure it would b but the misses might shoot me if I bought both. I'm not sure if the extra$$ is worth getting a drill with a small seed box on it vs the planter.

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If I could only have one, I'd have the drill. It's pretty versatile, especially a no-till. I've planted corn with it too, just not in pretty rows!
What do you plan on planting and how many acres?

I have two fields. 3 and 5 acres. The three acres will b used for a dove plot and the five acres would b used for spring and fall plots. We have high deer densities and don't think a left over corn or soybean plot would make it thru winter. I usually plant a mixture of turnips radishes and wheat or oats in the fall.

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I wish I could get the nerve up to try that with corn. I'd do it in a heartbeat with beans, but corn makes me nervous not going into a tilled seedbed.