2014 Apple Tree Progress


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I have some mixed feelings about these trees. The good news is 5 of them seem to be doing fairly well. These were 3-4 footers planted in the spring of 2014. Here they are. Admittedly, I forgot the species on 4 of the 5. The 10 footer I'm standing by is a Golden Delicious, and a few of the others might also be (first 3?). The smaller 2 I really don't recall. Do you recognize them? I have learned to label them going forward ha!

The bad news is I don't see any apples yet again. Should I be concerned?? I am!

I should mention I saw some flowers bloomed 3 weeks ago on the largest tree that I'm standing by. Yesterday they seemed dried up and dead. Does that mean anything to you?
I wouldn't be concerned at all about no apples yet. Flowers probably weren't pollinated since it was the only tree that flowered. Even with semi-dwarf roots it usually takes 5 to 7 years to be productive.
My planted apple trees of different varieties had close to nothing until seven years old. And even then they weren't loaded. Now at over ten years old they produce quite a lot or apples.