10/15/16 Full Moon Success


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Had an awesome hunt in the woods this evening. The peak of the rut has probably passed on this property, but we have a trickle rut that will last for the rest of the year. With a steady east wind, cooler temps, and acorns everywhere, I had a good feeling.

Well, I got to the stand too late. There were already deer in the area, and they made a huge racket when I scared them off. I soon saw another doe, but she also ran off snorting.

Around 6:50 I heard leaves crunching in front of me, and a beautiful 10 pointer soon stepped out in front of me. I think he's only 3.5 though, so he gets a pass. I watched him eat, make a scrape, then eat some more. When he stuck his head in the woods I grunted a couple of times, but he wasn't interested.

Another deer obviously heard the grunt, however, and about 5 minutes later I heard some more leaves crunching. This deer was coming from upwind and sounded like he would walk right under me, but I couldn't see him until he stepped out about 25 yards in front. I was pretty sure immediately that he was the big 8 pointer I've been after. Time to start breathing heavily haha. He did NOT like seeing the 10 pointer, and he circled around in front of him posturing for a fight. When he did that, I got the confirmation I needed that he was the dominant buck I thought he was. Wide, tall rack with distinctive brow tines. I shot him at about 50 yards, and he dropped right there.


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Oh it's not done. On a property 5 miles away it hasn't really even started yet. This particular barrier island just has an early rut.
Congrats! 50 yd bow shot or with a gun? Our gun season doesn't start for another couple of weeks.

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