Zucchini is sick


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My smallest food plot appears to be sick. Zucchini in the home garden turned this color over the weekend. I don’t think it’s iron or nitrogen deficiency but fertilized it today just to be safe. Is it fungal?


Plant right next to it looks ok but maybe showing early signs...


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My faith in zucchini has been broken! I thought it was trouble free. No doubt, it's chlorosis, but you didn't need me to confirm that, did you? Are the plants in the same box/raised bed? If they are, then I'm clueless as both are in the same soil and climate environment, right? I guess you didn't need me to tell you that, either. Hows the soil (growing medium) firmness? Whatever the deficiency, it could be abundant in the soil, but unavailable to the plant. On the other hand, it looks like it could have scale or mites or aphids on the leaf, maybe? Look close to the leaf veins. What are those little white specks? A cause? Or a symptom? Or, nothing at all?
I would have voted for iron had you not negated. Might try a little epsom salt mixed in water. Looks like second plant getting same thing