Your planting dates by zone


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Why are your planting dates for fruit tree in your zone? Be sure to include your zone so others can get an idea. Before I started learning more about trees I used to plant them at my time and thought the summer was the best time to plant just because that's when they were sold. What say you?
In NW Kansas, Zone 6, we planted apple trees last year in late June and they didn't make it, so this year we put them in mid-May and they are looking not too bad. Any trees that we plant are usually planted Mid April through early June before it gets too hot.
Zones 5 and colder you can plant as soon as the frost goes out of the ground in the spring. Zone 6 you can plant in the fall or spring depending on the weather you are experiencing in the fall. Zone 7 and warmer tends to plant in the fall so that trees can establish some root growth before the heat starts the next year.
Agree TC. Zone 4 here and I've planted as early as mid March. Latest for apples I've done is mid April. Wouldn't feel real comfortable doing them any later than that.