I have no words, at first I thought "hah, that's fake" but I dunno after watching it several times. I mean, how can it be so neatly removed like that?
Trick photography?
On a similar note, any of you guys see the picture Rinella posted of the pelican with the carp in its mouth that couldn’t clear the power lines and got fried, then started a brush fire?

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Not farm equipment, but a secret new broadhead I have been developing that was suppose to kill, cauterize, and skin the animal, but I screwed up the shot and hit him high.:p
My first thought upon seeing this video (has been posted everywhere) was someone took an angled shot with a bow using a large bladed broadhead like a Rage and missed their mark, causing the broadhead to skim along the deers back.

This was actually filmed at a farm in Illinois. The owners came forward and mentioned it after seeing it being posted all over.

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Poor deer! this video shocks me! will it be dead at the end? Nowadays i hunt less than before. I like watching wildlife around me with some equipments, such like trail cameras, which could record photos and videos, which also make me feel happy.
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