Yetter 71 planter questions.


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I've been in the market for a 2 row corn planter for quite some time now and came across this Yetter 71.

Has anybody had any experience with this, or know if they are any good? I know they are a copy of the old John Deere 71 flex planters so they should be a solid design. I'm just that familiar with Yetter to know how they're built. Price wise, a new unit is very close to a used rebuilt John Deere one.
I’ve heard good things about Yetter but have no personal experience with them.

I bought my planter from RDH Outdoors and am very happy with it.
The quick answer is ... no. If you had light ground, (sandy soil), low residue and could plant just when the conditions are right, maybe, yes.
The other thing with the Yetter or the JD 71, you still need to get your fertilizer in the ground, for corn especially (if that's what you're considering). So in this case, since these units have no fertilizer boxes on them, you'd have to broadcast the fertilizer, then work it in to the soil, anyway. You can plant shortly after that.
Go with RDH and you won't be disappointed. Like Cutman, I got mine from him and a 6 ft drill both like brand new.