AC planter for planting Eagle bean plot


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Does anyone have any experience planting Eagle beans or soybeans with an Allis Chalmers planter? I think mine is a model 71 row unit, not positive. I'm trying to figure out the correct sprocket setting. I will be using the AC 310992 plate, planting at 140,000 seeds per acre population (roughly 40 lb./acre) on 30 inch rows. Thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance.
Chalmers3.jpg You can find manuals on ebay, the one I have is titled "70 series planting units". It covers the 70-75 units. I use mine for sunflowers and corn so i'm no help with beans. You will want to check your depth which is adjustable with the depth adjusting pin, each hole is 1/2", up for deeper, down for more shallow. There are 2 grease fittings under the hopper, and i usually spray down the idler pulleys and chain with WD-40 before i use it each time. The chart i'm attaching will show your settings. The drive sprocket is on the drive wheel and the driven sits under the hopper. The sprocket under the hopper has the pin on the inside and the rear or drive sprocket has the pin on the outside.