Will a gut shot deer run hard?


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My dad hit a giant a bit back. Took off running hard. My experience is a got shot deer will hunch a bit and go off slower. What's your take?

We are giving him a few hours before we look for blood.

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Just depends on the deer. Yes, some will hunch up and walk off slowly. I've only gut shot one deer and that was with a gun. It was a doe. She took off running hard. If temps are cold enough I would give it overnight. Hopefully, the liver was hit or a major artery.

good luck
I would give it overnight as well. Just a bit back is likely liver and the deer will expire usually within an hour. Big bucks can go longer. The farther back the hit, the longer you need to wait. Ive seen deer hit just in front of the back hip that were still going 12 hours later. Thats intestinal and worst case.
No strict rules for how a deer reacts after the shot.
There is nothing to be gained by going back tonight unless some other reason.
. Case closed!

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. He was a big one. Probably 5+. Never had him on camera. Shot him at 18 yards with homemade recurve. Lucky to hit artery back a ways.

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