Wild Dogs


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2 dogs have been running my property nearly nightly for over 2 months. They really messed up the last month of deer season.

After attempting to trap them for weeks with a cage trap borrowed from animal control I finally got one! He's lucky I caught him and not one of the other neighbors. 1 down, 1 to go.

Dogs can really mess up a property...when we were looking our place over we ran into a pack of dogs while walking it and since purchasing and now living on the property we have come to the realization that everyone out there just likes having lots of big old dogs and they bring them in regularly. I have had quite a few problems with dogs over the past 3 years and have had MANY hunts ruined but it seems that this past rifle season really took a toll on them with all the hunters in the woods because it is much quieter and the only pictures I have gotten of dogs in the past month were of a couple big great pyrenese that belong to a goat farmer up the road but they were only there once. At the beginning of fall there were about 7 dogs roaming at different times and in different little packs and now of those 7 there are none...
I had this same problem but it was my own dog :). I would lock him up and walk back behind house to my stand. When my wife got home she would let him out to go to the bathroom. Of course he would track me down to my stand and sit at the base of my tree, Makes for a great hunt let me tell you.:mad:
When I was younger, I had a cat that would follow me into the woods plus a few dogs. I'd put all of them in the house before I went out. One time, my buddy was hunting with me, the cat climbed up the tree and sat between his feet for his whole sit.

As far as wild dogs go, don't forget you have the right to protect yourself when attacked. People have been killed by wild dogs before. Don't be considerate, be alive.

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