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Whitatail Institute came out with a new mix that is mainly buckwheat. It’s amazing how reactive these companies are. You would think with them being the “leader in food plot research and development” would have already been preaching soil health for years.

It just goes to show you guys are the true leaders and care the most about the land and animals.
I really like their clover, but I also have noticed that they may be as much followers as leaders. That said, they do have some good products.

I like their clover too. I like a lot of there products, I’m not knocking them at all. Its just funny bc 15 years ago I thought they were the best and the only way to go. Now I see them as a follower like the hunting magazines stealing ideas of some members here.

It's probably a lot harder/more expensive to bulk ship buckwheat vs clover

70 dollars for a half acres worth.
I respect what they have done. But they are a bit too pricey for me. And for me, I find myself asking if this is part of a larger market driven movement that prices Joe 6pack and his kids out of the game. I guess I'm old fashioned. I can get seed from my local guy.
Full disclosure. I just know where they are located and have played golf with one of the owners. The only product I have bought is one bag of Whitetail Imperial clover that I went to their location and picked up. The product did well but I agree it was quite pricey, even at will call. The best price, with shipping, that I have found for clover was Durana clover from https://pvcoop.com/ Poudre Valley Coop in Ft Collins, Colorado.
But that too was several years back
Own opinion is their seed underperforms, stopped buying after few years and have much better luck w/ some of the other lesser known brands out there. Deer Creek, drop-tine, northwoods whitetail, green cover.
I like their clover but usually just buy from my local feed store to support locals.
And WI doesn’t talk to me for an hour about football politics and farming like these guys do over a measly 200$ purchase.
Just pray WI doesn’t find out about Random clusters like Grant Woods did of my Buffalo plot or I will have nothing left to share w posterity!!

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I used their 30-06 minerals in early spring and summer. Deer loved it and after 3 years, bigger bucks appeared!