White oak family with radicals.


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What does everyone do with the white oak family acorns if you get them after a radicle is starting? I'm leaning towards putting them in containers in my garage. Let the root start going, but hope it is cool enough to slow growth until I'm ready to push them in the basement later this winter.
Plant them. I like to plant them where I want them. I try to avoid trying to delay them by putting them in the fridge - they have a significant risk of dying if they have a radical already. I prefer to plant them as soon as possible to give them as much of a chance as possible. You can tube or cage them to help get them past the critters as well - or take your chances.

If there are not many you can pot them and they will grow this fall yet and then you will have to store them over winter and then transplant later.

I have done that and it's ok for a smaller number of if you have something set up already, but for a large number it may be more than you want to put in to it.

I collected roughly 2,000 acorns this fall.....no way I was growing those in pots! I spread and planted those and they are in mother natures hands now!