What would u do?

i purchased a property for an exceptional price in one of the premium trophy areas of Wisconsin. I immediately harvested a 150” buck, with bigger bucks on camera. It’s easy to pass on a dozen 100” bucks. I was offered a $50000 profit on the property from an individual. Was I wrong for turning it down?
Did you buy it to turn a profit? Could you buy something you would rather have with the proceeds? Nobody knows but you...
Right, we already own property in a short drive away. I wouldn’t mind selling other property to reinvest, in the future.
In a perfect world, we retain all our land and just keep buying more. I’m not bragging, but we have mature bucks on all our properties, tough decisions....
Deer hunting land is over $6k an acre, this is likely the apex of our investments.
My grandma would roll in his grave if he knew what swamp land is going for today. The bucks are big as ever and the buyers are extreme
Thats a personal decision,if that money would allow you to buy something that you can build into something better then I would sell or if it was for something closer to home.First though I would consider all my tax implications as you may not clear as much as planning
Yikes Pacahunter, you seem to have a tough dilemma but is it really? First off the decision to sell or not to sell based solely on economic terms has nothing to do with making a quick $50,000 which is not so bad of course! Economically the answer is if I sell do I have a better place to park wealth that is safer and/or could make me more money than continuing to own the deer hunting property.

The other consideration is whether or not having one of the best hunting areas on the planet is more important to you than a $50,000 profit. I don't know if you did the right thing for you in turning down the offer but there is no doubt that it would have been the right decision for me and I believe most others on the forum.

The last three farms here have sold for over $8,000 an acre yet there are currently none for sale in the immediate area even though the milk prices are very low; if no one sells I can't imagine what the next guy who wants to expand will pay. And the prices have nothing to do with 150 inch deer as I only know of one slight possibility at that this year.

We all would like to have your dilemma Pacahunter. I'm happy for you!
Are you looking for affirmation you did the right thing? My initial reaction is I'd sell it in a heartbeat. But $50,000 is a lot of money to me. If you have a couple million it's probably just chump change. No deer is worth $50,000 to me.

That's my initial reaction. Being the cold, calculating analyst I am I'd have to test my statement and yours for rationality. I'll be back in a couple years....
Wife and I bought a small acreage cheap in a non-trophy area of Oklahoma and immediately killed 3 bucks over 150 with bigger ones on camera...we live here now. Not interested in selling. See big deer out the dining room window and I get to play around on the place...that fool and his money deal rings true...
It all depends on your financial situation, and what your priorities are. If your priorities are deer hunting like mine are, then you'd keep it and go make money somewhere else. Everyone should have a different take on your situation and you're the only one that can answer your question.

If I had somebody pull in my driveway right now and offer me an outrageous sum of money to purchase my property that I've put blood sweat and tears into for the past 20 years. I wouldn't even think about selling it for a profit, or at all for that matter. One of the most important things I've learned from my short time on this earth is; there's a lot more important things in life than money.
Everyone needs a place of their own, a place with enough acreage that you can't see all of the property lines from one spot. There's no feeling that's as good as driving onto your land and saying "this is my place" I own this. That feeling in itself is worth a million dollars. Add that to the price you paid and that's your selling price.
If average land is $6,000 per acre and you turn a $50,000 profit, you gained 8 acres if you plan on re-investing it in more land at average price for the area. Wouldn’t be worth it to me. But if you need the money for something or don’t like owning land anymore maybe it is the best decision for you. If you got an exceptional deal on it most likely you will always be able to turn a profit on it if you decide to sell. You will not always be able to find another exceptional deal on another land purchase.
Lots of great points. I bought the piece to sell it for a profit. I knew there was going to be good mature buck hunting. I didn’t know it was going to be a mature buck magnet. The best thing is I didn’t have to do any real improvements. The initial plan was to clear a couple acres for a food plot. I’m now concerned a food plot might hurt me more than help. I know that sounds crazy, but if 4 year old bucks are consistently walking around during daylight, clearing timber could impact those travel patterns. I should note that I am limited to one specific location for a food plot, and that location is where the daylight activity is taking place.
I think easy huntable properties very rare, and I stepped into one. I’ve stuck a lot of resources into my other land and haven’t had the constancy of movement as this place.
I always thought you needed hundreds of acres to get consistent mature buck daytime movement. I found out you just have to own in the right place.
Hold it two more years and make $150k profit. Personally, if it were me, I would have took the money.
You should consult an accountant to see the tax implications of a potential sale. You will be taking home a lot less than $50K by the time the tax man sticks his hand in your pocket. Also, are you selling it yourself or using an agent. Figure another 6 to 8% for their fee.
Keep it , you lucked into a deer hunters wet dream.
You should consult an accountant to see the tax implications of a potential sale. You will be taking home a lot less than $50K by the time the tax man sticks his hand in your pocket. Also, are you selling it yourself or using an agent. Figure another 6 to 8% for their fee.
Keep it , you lucked into a deer hunters wet dream.
Was about to say the same thing along the line of taxes. After Uncle Sam claimed his part along with closing costs, fees, blah, blah, blah I don't see where you would be sitting in any better situation having to find another "Holy Grail" block of deer woods. Needless to say though. Nothing beats owning your own dirt and watching the wildlife thrive because of your work.

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I would love to add on to this piece, problem is nothing’s for sale. I don’t know if it will give us more opportunities at deer, because we have plenty of places to hunt. My main property is still very good, we have shot multiple bucks over 160” on it. I think this third property is so good too because I don’t hunt it much. I only hunt it early November and what I feel helps tremendously, is not hunting it the early part of the gun season. I didn’t shoot anything but I saw a 3.5 year old buck every time I hunted there late gun and muzzleloader season.
Essentially the same thing happened to me except:

In two years I’ve had 5 offers/interest. My gain is only $25K on best offer. Only 40 acres

I’ve only hunted it twice and guests have messed up on 5 that they call huge

I’m keeping it and actually doing the improvements - adding food plot, great stands and access improvements.

I am still making bribe type offers on a couple of properties. If one hits I will flip it and trade up

In our area the quality of the deer hunting determines the value of land. We have broken through $5K/acre but the $6K+ typically has water access too. With so many hunting areas in decline I can see this trend continuing.

If you need the money sell. If you don’t, enjoy your money is safe