What was your most unique deer hunting stand


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What was/is your most unique stand? Who has used something unconventional for a deer stand ?
Tell us about yours. I will post mine when I am not posting from the phone.
Have used a big earthmover for a stand...we have one on our deer lease that broke down many years ago up in those woods and I have rifle hunted from the seat of it...only problem is the old seat and steering wheel will get black residue all over you :(
Earliest stands were death traps if left unattended for a few years. We'd take lumber and nail it in some fashion in the fork of a tree and deck it out. Nailed 2x4s as steps. We were not very eco friendly back in the early days of getting off the ground. Wow, how times have changed for the better. I won't mention the "Baker" style stands that we copied my senior yr in high school and made in the school shop. Wonder how any of us lived thru those periods.
As promised here is mine.

As anyone who was teenage boy in Georgia in the early 70s could tell you the coolest ride was either the 55, 56, or 57 Chevrolet. During those years I ended up owning 2 of the classics. It was during the spring of 1972 that I was able to scrape together enough money to buy a pretty good 56 Chevy. I fixed it up to be a nice one. V8, floor shifter, white letter tires, etc.

But it was also common place in my area of NE Ga. for car thieves to relieve you of those things like the V8 engine, 4 speed transmission, white letter tires, etc. It happened to me. I was working part time in the evening at a local factory. And when I came out at midnight one Friday night during the summer my 56 Chevy was not where I left it. It had been stolen.The next day it and a new Camaro were found in the woods a few miles away partially stripped.

I had my car towed to my parents home. It was too damaged to repair and get back on the road. So...... you guessed it. The body became a deer stand. I removing windows, seats, steering column, rear axle, etc, that was of value and use to my next car, a 55 Chevy. I placed the 56 at the end of a field on my grandmothers land for a rainy day stand. It sat there for probably 10 years or so until someone wanted it more than I did and purchased it from me. Several deer were shot from that "stand" in those years.
I keep a 25'X4' mosquito weight camo netting in my back pack with a couple blackened wooden spring loaded clothes pins
..finding(on my own farm) a new heavily used run one day and the wind right to hunt it ...I pulled my netting around around 4 "just right trees" ..plopped down on my 3 legged stool looking out thru the netting ..up comes a 2.5 year old buck and beds down beside me not 20 feet away ..just up wind ..enjoyed to no end ..especially his reactions to the various sounds that came to him/us ..farm gates , cars on gravel,children laughing, squeeky car doors, crows, commuter aircraft and farm equipment ..thought I was going to drown (needing a pee break very badly) ..he bedded down at 4 PM and did not leave until 7 that night ..watching was far more fun than harvesting but I had to go 100 yards before before I could walk normally again after motionless for that long!

Happy and safe hunting folks ..and take a kid hunting

I used to hunt out of an old abandoned barn in the woods. I would climb up in the sketchy hay loft and could bow or gun hunt from the loft door. Actually made for a nice stand. Just set up a lawn chair kicked back and waited for the deer to come by.
I had a perfect spot for a stand, but the tree there was very uncooperative. So I got creative and worked around the issue. The tree had low limbs so using a climber was out and then the base of the tree sat a good couple of feet below the grade of the ag field that we wanted to hunt, so a typical ladder stand was simply too low. We also found out that the best location in that tree the trunk was not straight enough to place a hang on type stand. My buddy gave up.......I was/am too stubborn. I essentially adapted a climbing type stand to be used with a hang on type stand climbing system. It was a minor contortion act to get into the stand, but once you where there you where golden. I killed several deer out of that stand over the years, my buddy hated it simply because it was difficult getting into and out of. I haven;t used that tree lately......I was cutting some trees 2 winters ago and stuck a top of a big maple into it right where the stand went. Wedged it in there real good too.....I was not happy. I have yet to be able to devise a way to get that top out without risking my life in the process.
Some old rear tractor tires from my Grandpa's old Farmall M stacked on top of each other. He had discarded them and I dug them out of the dump and rolled them down to the edge of a field. It was a little tight but it worked and the deer didn't think twice about it.
Second floor bedroom in suburbia.... Although not high adventure, it was warm and dry:). If you could see the damage to the landscaping, you'd understand.
Not my stand, but I bet it wins the award. On land I have permission to hunt there is an old wringer washer laying on its side near a stand I have there. I went in late season unannounced and was standing checking to make sure no deer were near my stand when I turned and the wife of the owner was crammed back into that thing all cammoed up with her gun. She's a tiny woman and I had too look twice to see it was her. Scared the piss out of me. We still laugh of that to this day. She's killed a lot of nice bucks, so who am I to judge?
I have a large white oak at the edge of one the open fields on my place. It's to big around for a climber, but has a decent cedar tree next to it. I climb the cedar then step over to the white oak. The limbs are so large I have a comfortable place to bow or deer hunt.
Lots of does have gotten too close to the combine. Not really huntin but a great way to control does and fill the freezer!
When I began bow hunting as a kid, the farm I hunted was about 1/2 mile walk from the house. On one end of the field was an old abandoned school bus. No wheels but it was blocked up nicely and all the windows had been shot out. I harvested my first three deer from that bus. Only fear was sharing it with hornets that seemed to love to build nests in it every year.
We moved an old school bus in and pulled the motor and put it on blocks. Then we bolted a tripod stand to the top of the bus. Talk about nose bleed when you are in it, but you can see a long way.
North Dakota last year: 4x8 wood shooting house, set into stack of alfalfa bales 20' high, entered via stair-step alfalfa bale 'ladder' on end.
The "dump" truck. We have an old 60's Ford single axle dump truck growing into a tree line at the edge of an old field. I took my first deer sitting in a chair in the back. Later we built the bed into a box blind. My dad and fil have taken a dozen deer from the truck since building it out.
My go-to spot is a tower blind that has been fixed to a hay wagon. All you have to do is hook up to it with a truck/tractor and take it where you want to hunt.