What to plant in my desert?


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i know this forum is food plots for wildlife but I’m actually seeking advice of what to plant around my house building site. I figured there was more knowledge here than anywhere else.
Our house is under construction and I am finishing up the back filling and grading now. I’m looking for something that could grow in Georgia through the summer to help the soil and help with erosion.
This soil is very dry and dusty so I need something that grows easy and could withstand high traffic. This fall after I’ve done final grade work I’m going to terminate and plant grass/clover.
The way I would describe the soil now is like a baseball field diamond.
Is there any plant that i could get to grow in this stuff? If it’s something deer would eat would be even better!
I think you'll have a very hard time finding anything to stand up to a high traffic area when it is just starting out. Clover takes high traffic well but not until established----also very dry area as you stated. I can't think of anything that will take high traffic when it's young---sorry
I missed the part about high traffic. Buckwheat would not like that. You could try Bahia grass but it’s not real tough until after it’s well established.
What about rye? either annual or the ryegrass that we all try to avoid in the plots? That stuff will grow on a rock. Not sure how much of anything would handle traffic if its already working hard to grow in the sandy area though.Since you're going to terminate anyway, the annual rye would work possibly.