What is it??

I'm torn between Carolina Silverbell and Bladdernut.

Silverbell will have a single stone inside the pod like you described.
Bladdernut has multiple chambers inside the pod with a single seed inside each chamber.

Send me some leaf and bark pics next spring and I will tell you for sure.
Was waiting on you to come through

Single seed in every pod we checked. Bonnet creek bank and Rowan County Kentucky at some family's house. We always take a hike and talk about trees and plants and this one had us curious.

Any info on it ?

Thanks as always
Not much info - It's an understory tree that does best in partial shade and soils rich in organic matter that are on the acidic side of the scale. The flowers are good for bees, but its not a tree that deer are known to browse. There is a related species of it in higher elevations in the mountains that gets extremely tall, but around here we are talking no likely to get over 35 feet tall.
It's a bladder nut. I had asked about this plant here or on the other forum. I got all sorts of pics of it if it will help you in any way. It's a small understory shrub that is lightly browsed here and seems to be more use for cover in my area. Mine get 6 to 8 feet tall and clumps of say 10 to 20 feet wide. Mine prefer upland soils as they are all on higher areas the are near low bottom type areas for some reason.