Went fishing today


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Well, the food plots are planted and the time to fish was today.:) Went to an older, small local lake and started fishing about 8:30 am. By a little after noon we had a two man limit of 50 fish. We probably threw back 15 legal fish and a few more undersized than that. We had a great time, my best friend, our guide, and myself. We’ve been with him a few times and the BS was flying back and forth !:D Here’s a couple pics. 8E1D15C8-5FC1-4757-AF72-AB01BA89B32E.jpeg
My buddyF7601942-DE48-4289-91E3-575754BC25DC.jpeg
Yours trulyD2D99B00-164C-45A9-9E42-BB1D39E95471.jpegD6D90935-928B-4F72-8FFA-1EF29F6D5D96.jpeg
The catch
I grew up calling them "white perch"........ the "filet mignon" of east texas fresh water lakes


Me too Bill ! In LA. they are sac-a-lait, lots of the northern guys pronounce them “crappy” but in any guise they are fun to catch and delicious. Our guide is a crappie tournament fisherman, and his side job is selling insurance. He’s good and fun to fish with. My buddy and I have known each other for at least thirty years and are very close. We stay on each other’s backs and the guide falls right in there. After five or six days on my tractor I needed that trip !:)
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