Fishing again !


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My best friend and I went fishing again yesterday on Lake Fork. It was pretty cool, stayed in the forties for most of the day, and windy. We go with a local guide that has proven ability to find crappie. On top of that he is fun to fish with. My buddy, and we have known one another since the late 80s, give each other grief at will over whatever comes to mind. We are truly as close as brothers could be. It wasn’t our best trip, but we managed to catch over thirty fish and four or five over two pounds. That’s a good crappie in anyone’s book ! The others were mostly in the one to one and a half range, also decent fish. We wound up with two full gallon bags of filets. Good eating ahead ! Here’s my buddy with a couple of the biggest ones. 815938A1-DFE1-48E8-A159-405A34C16C6F.jpeg3667161F-164D-4D7B-AF3F-5E3C52F28D46.jpegF58BD8FE-7EF9-4312-8902-162795F16E63.jpeg
Looks like you guys had a blast!
They have some bellies on them!!! A lot of the farm pond crappie I catch are skinny in comparison.
We have a few lakes we fish, most of them have good sized crappie, but there is one that we drift fish from time to time that the crappie are skinny. We throw back almost as many as we keep. I don’t know why, it’s an old lake that I’ve fished for years. The only thing that seems to thrive there are the flatheads. They got pretty big in the past but I haven’t trotlined in years so I can’t say how they are now.
A southern delicacy to say the least! Can't think of anything I enjoy more as far as gathering for a meal than a crappie fry with hushpuppies, cheese grits n slaw. And bout a quart of really good tarter sauce.

You guys gonna eat well!