Warm Weather Grafting?


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Well after a stupid cold winter, spring suddenly showed in mid Feb here with temps in 60s.. I had planned to get a few grafts done on to my existing apple trees from a couple of old school apple trees near me. With weather this warm and likely so for another 10 days, should I just bail on that idea for this year, or get it done this weekend?? Leaf bud in my area is usually mid April to mid May. Thanks.
dogghr, even though I had a high percentage of graft to take last year, I consider myself still a novice at this. I really only know one way. That is to collect the scion wood in the spring before bud break (like right now), keep it in the fridge, and then graft it once the tree is starting to put out new leaves. I know that method works for me, but I really don't know any other way. Some folks on this forum are getting into T-budding and possibly have other grafting methods. Hopefully some of them will chime in on you thread.

Good luck........
I would go ahead and collect some scions now and wait to see how the weather does. I got a little ahead of myself last year because I thought I would be behind we had maybe one last cold snap and I think it hurt my grafts I had terrible success last year. I’m still fine tuning what I want to do going forward. If you collect now and fail you could always t Bud during the summer which I think I like better anyways.
It sounds like you are top working an existing tree? If so collect your scion now, keep it in cold storage and then graft once the existing tree that you want to graft to begins to show some green.
Thanks guys. Guess this crazy weather was making me think to rush. I’ll do as said keep cuttings in fridge and do as typical when buds start to pop.

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