Understand This:


Understand This:

I am not trying to force or advance my theories of deer hunting on any one. I am simply trying to get hunters to think and explore and not buy blindly into some “solid tactic” some outdoor writer invented. Here are two perfect examples.

(1) Wearing rubber boots will keep a deer from smelling where you walked. That is a complete, 100% lie. It was invented by a rubber boot manufacturer and promoted by a couple outdoor writers. I remember exactly when it took place. There is absolutely no basis in fact. Truth is, rubber boots maybe detrimental, not an advantage.

(2) Boundary scrapes, primary scrapes and secondary scrapes. There are no such things. It is complete myth. There are, only two kinds of scrapes-those deer “use” and those they don’t. Of the ones they use, there are three, distinct types-Communal, aggressive and ones you can maybe kill a mature buck over. To explain the three would take up more bandwidth than I care to. I remember clearly when a fellow outdoor writer invented “boundary scrape”.

Understand, there are three main forms of whitetail communication outside verbal and body language. Those three are licking branches, rubs and scrapes. Those three, impart tremendous information. Just what, I have no idea. But I do know, none of three is rut specific. I repeat…NONE OF THREE IS RUT SPECIFIC. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Yet, I can prove it.

I am not trying to start an argument. I am trying to start a discussion and get hunters thinking instead of just relying on pictures from a trail camera. One of my friends sent me an email last night, said she had just videoed a 140-class buck, working the licking branch I made 10-days ago. I have not seen the video but I am going back up there next week. Hopefully, I can get some before and after pictures of the branch. I made it with a pocket knife and a dollop of peanut butter. It is now, according to her, almost destroyed. The key is/was…the location.


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