Turkey Hunting in SD, NE, or KS?


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A buddy and I are considering a black hills turkey hunt in SD, as well as anywhere public access hunt in KS or NE. Looking to go after Mariam or Rio for another species as we only have easterns in W MI. License fees aren't to much different between the 3 states, all are over the counter available for these states. We looked at Spring Prairie in SD but the app deadline is 2/16 and its unit specific, I'm not sure that is in our best interest.

Just a DIY run and gun type as I'm not sure other options to try. We hunted OK a few years ago, it was very tough and unsuccessful but we learned a lot.

Anyone from these states or have experience doing so care to share thoughts or opinions?
The Nebraska National Forest is still on my list to go back to. The year we were there they had a lot of wildfires so the birds were few and far between. Ended up killing one on a little 80 acre chunk of walk in ground on the way home. Don't plan on going too early in the season we had to reschedule our first date due to 20 inches of snow!

I have also hunted KS both successfully and unsuccessfully. Plenty of birds. For Rio's look west of Fort Riley. A bunch of walk in land if you can read a road map. Long season is KS is a plus.
Lots of god public land in the Nebraska Pine Ridge. I've killed a TON of turkeys there both in Spring and Fall. Avatar picture is from last Spring. Over-the-counter tags, $109. Up to three are allowed. Gobblers and bearded hens only in the Spring. Either-sex in the Fall.
I'm in eastern nebraska, tons of turkeys the past few years but I havnt seen a single one this past year, everything seems to have vanished and i have no clue why!