I planted a couple of small plots of it last year and it's not much different than WR, from what I can tell.

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Not worth the price difference. Planted it a couple of times and didn't notice any difference when compared to wheat or rye.
Good to know. I did a plot maybe a half acre of triticale. I did a throw and mow last year and it came in pretty good. Didn't really notice deer going to that plot though.
I couldn't get rye at my local coop so I bought triticale this year. I probably could have gone with wheat, but I am interested to see how this does. I live around big ag so there is wheat everywhere. I thought I would give them something different.
There always seems to be a debate about rye or wheat. Does anyone plant triticale?
Yes....trit makes up about half of our fall blend with rye.....usually plant about 30-40 ac.
-larger leaf, higher tonnage, and later maturing than rye
-higher aphid and disease resistance than wheat
-wet soil tolerant

IF we use wheat aphid damage in spring is severe....spring tonnage is reduced....few weeds are suppressed...and cow days per acre are reduced.

If you have aphid or disease issues in wheat then switch to trit.