Tree Stand Recomendations


Thanks to all who have helped me so far. Got a few gift cards for Christmas and I've started to do my research on tree stands. Looking for a 2 seater, ladder type.

I looked at some in stores, but of course the ones I was kinda drawn to have bad reviews on their respective websites. Would love to hear about any that you guys love and/or hate.

I have Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, and Dick's fairly close. I'm about 100 miles from a Scheel's as well, so that's doable if they have the right stand.


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I will never buy another stand that doesn't have the Millennium sling-style type of seat. I'm not a ladder stand guy, but I'm sure you will get solid advice.
Get all over the internet looking for deals on ladder stands. I purchased a 20 foot Game Wear Stand Dec 2015 at a great price. I think if I you do a search you will see it Dick's Sporting Goods I think. It has a comfortable seat.

The best deals are now. Don't look at a company once, keep checking them. They mark things aggressively and multiple times.

Of course the stand I purchased was a single man stand but there will be doubles marked down also.

Do you have some young hunter? Over the years, my son and I took many juvenile hunters on the youth hunt. These guys are right about the best of the line stands.

If you have a couple of young hunters (I don't know the situation) then you can get more affordable stands which might allow you to get more sets in place. That is something you will be able to figure out.

To support what they stated, our KY Deer Lease is going to buy 8 to 10 of Millennium ladder stands due to the seats. We have some guys that have back trouble and that is one of the off season projects. My back is not a problem but I got one knee that is.

Good luck to you - gift certificates are nice gifts for the outdoor minded.

Thanks everyone. At this point, I'll probably be out alone in Fall 17, and have my son out with me Fall 18, so I'll just be looking for a 2 seater now. Sounds like there are multiple votes for millennium stands, so I'll have to look them up. Thx again!

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Lone wolf hang ons.

I have 59 trees pegged out. The lone wolf is Iight and easy to carry and hang. Some stands I leave the stand year round with one strap. I carry a fresh second one when I hunt so I know I have a safe set up

They are dead quiet
Millennium, River's Edge, Hawk are all my favorite's as far as ladder stands go. I think these 3 are almost interchangeable. Millennium edging out the other two. We have several of all of the above out and can't complain about any of them from a single seat side of things. I can only believe their doubles are just as good.
I went with a couple of the following stands that can be picked up on ebay. I think they were
Rivers Edge but I cannot remember. If you copy and paste what I typed in bold into ebay there are several people selling them, one seller has them for around $176 with free shipping.
Sportsman's Guide was also selling them on ebay.
17 1/2' Deluxe 2 Man Hunting Ladder Tree Stand Padded Backrest Shooting Rail.

I like the larger foot platform on these, but the truth is that I wish the seat was a little deeper.
They are solid and I have been using them for a few years now. Put a thick cushion on the metal seat and your are good all day. I also like to find a tree that has a slight lean to it as it makes it more comfortable.
CB Deer Stands from North Augusta, SC. Pricey but rugged, durable, easy to install. My wife and I moved one two times during deer season. Took us all of about five minutes each time.

The chain-and-lever fastening device is awesome. Forget ratchets, cam belts, and even stabilizer bars.
My last three have been the 21 foot Millenium L110, which is the "big boy" one seater. At 6'3'' and 250 lbs it is very comfy for me with larger platform and seat. We seldom seat two but my neighbor buys the two man Milleniums because he likes the room and has the cash. The Rivers Edge are also very comparable ans a lot cheaper.
These look pretty interesting, buddy sent me a pic this morning

Well, I ordered one. A friend of mine told me he had bought and used Muddy's "Prestige" two seater and liked it. I had looked at it at my local Bass Pro the other day, and it was priced at $299 (+ Tax) I think. Has pretty good reviews. Looked it up on Google shopping and Cabela's was selling it for $179! With tax and shipping, it'll be at my door for around $210 I think.

Lots of folks recommended Millenium's stands, which I liked the looks of, but I couldn't pass up this deal. Thanks again for all the thoughts on this!
As I said, this is the month to find great internet deals on tree stands. Congrats randomguy on getting the deal you liked! ;)

That stand will last you a long time. Future dreams to soon follow ....
Yep, I'm just getting started with all this stuff so I need pretty much everything. I've been spending money like it's going out of style, but I keep telling my wife how thrifty I'm being and I'm pretty much not buying anything without a sale, clearance, promo code, etc..... I'm down a boatload of cash, but I feel like I've gotten some great bargains.
Women appreciate that way of thinking because it relates so closely to their own ways. ;)
It certainly does with my wife. If it ain't on sale we don't need it is her philosophy. I really love that about her except when I am trying to replace or upgrade hunting gear.