Tree planting questions


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I'm thinking of planting some trees on our property here in Western KY and am looking for some advice. I'm thinking of a variety of trees, some chestnut, some sawtooth oak, and possibly some apple trees, all being planted mainly for deer. When planting a tree, has anyone ever used peat moss or something like it to put around the base of the newly planted tree for weed exclusion and water retention? Also, can I plant chestnut and oak trees near each other? Fruit trees near the nut trees? These are probably dumb questions, but I am new to all of this and I love reading everyone's posts on tree planting and care. Thanks for any help.
Several questions here,check out the thread on fruit trees under fruit trees,it has alot of info.I usually like to plant fruit trees fairly close together to insure pollination.So make sure you have the right pollinators. Apple trees can require more maintenance and make sure they are resistant to diseases in your area such as CAR.I plant more pears because they are easier but they must be fire blight resistant.When I plant a bareroot tree I mix some manure with the dirt from the hole pack back in with a bit of watersorb crystals.Then i put lumminite or another ground cover over then cage with 4 ft fence.There are others here that know alot more and I bet they will chime in.