Tree ID tags


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I've got some of the original tags that came on my trees & also logged a diagram of my roughly 100 orchard trees on paper so I know what's what but wanted to see if any of you all use tree ID tags & if so, where do you get them from? I'd like to have decent tags on the trees themselves and between time/weather & the deer, the plastic ones don't last more than a few years...
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I use the plastic tags, but, I gave up writing on them. I use a hole punch or drill to drill holes and then use a key for the number of holes - IE .. one hole - red oak / 2 holes - white oak...etc...
I bought the aluminum ones from amazon that you use a pen to write on and wire them to the inside of the tree cage.Haven't lost one in 3 years
I like those. Perfect for my spreadsheets. Not to be a dumbass, but I like the color and size of the number. Do you have a source you could share?

Travis, my tags came from a local store, but this brand is well known and available at a lot of places. See the photo below for the information you need:

I work construction and am a cheapskate. I take a scrap of aluminum trim or soffit, cut tags from it with a shears, punch a hole for a wire, and use a Harbor Freight 1/4" stamping set. The wire I use to fasten them to the cage eventually rusts, but the tag lasts. When my kids were younger they liked to make them for me, but I mostly have to make em myself these days.
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