trail cam trade in


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I heard that Dicks did a tradin program,has anyone heard when they do this.I have a couple busnells that I am so sick of empty cards and tracks all over in front of.I have sent them back 2 times and all they tell me is you have to use lithiums and have dedicated cards that are for that camera only.I can buy a 69.00 moultrie and get pictures every time I pull a card.They are 2 years old and been sent back twice.Going to Moultrie and not looking back
Yes.i traded an old camera leaking battery acid in for a Bushnell E3, net $70.

I have 2 E2s and one E3 and use Amazon batteries and random cards. Works fine.

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I think you should be able to but it's like mine shut off and it doesn't matter if I use lithiums or rechargables,you just don't know when it will work
I been looking at the bushnell E2 and E3s is one better than the other.
What does Dicks give for trade ins
I will take the loss if they have a moultrie,I have 4 of them to trade,2 that were in flood and 2 that they say nothing wrong with
Bass Pro is doing a trade in program for their Fall Classic. Cameras have to work, but I think they give up to $50 towards a new camera, no matter the brand. I'm planning to trade a couple of my old ones in

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Spend the extra couple bucks and get you an Exodus and don't worry about having to trade in bad cameras. If it breaks send it back to Exodus and get a new one.
I bought 4 browning ranger ops last year and only 1 still works. I traded for a Bushnell E3 last August at Dick's and it is working great. I went Sunday after church to Dick's to trade another old camera and all they had that was Bushnell was an E3 someone had bought and then brought back to upgrade a day later. The box was opened but the only thing missing was the plastic covering on the package. I bought batteries in the store and fired it up at the counter and all seems good. They ended up selling it to us for $50...I set it up yesterday so we will see...