Tractor and Euipment repair Questions.


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Just thought if you have questions regarding tractor breakdowns somebody on here may have answer. Also other equipment issues could be answered.
Post it in the general discussion for now. We still don't have enough traffic to warrant sub-forums for every topic. If the topic proves to be popular, I will create the section and move the relevant posts.

I do think it's a great idea, though. I seem to break my tractor too often!
Anybody in Northeast GA that needs a great tractor mechanic I found one about a year ago. Mechanic for Yancey Brothers for many years and went out on his own a few years ago. Located in Washington, GA with a very nice shop behind his home.
Well I replaced the seals but didn't take the pictures of the process like I wanted...

The seals I replaced are A and C in the attached photo. C is the plug seal at the bottom so you can get to the snap rings from the bottom to get everything apart. This is a 2006 Kubota L3830 tractor and the A seal was leaking badly on the left front and beginning to leak on the right. Reason these can begin to leak is using the loader to lift heavy without enough ballast on the rear which can put all the weight of the tractor and the weight of what you are lifting on the front axle all at one time because the rear tires one off the ground...

Took snap ring pliers, 14 mm socket, 22 mm socket, 17 mm wrench, 12" crescent wrench, small pry bar screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and a ball pean hammer for tools.

Very straight forward repair. Kubota dealership wanted 8 hours labor at $100 hr. (4 hours a side).

I looked it over and thought it ant be that hard and watched a couple YouTube vids and dived in.

Worst part was the balljoint that absolutely wouldn't budge and before I ended up ruining the boot or breaking some cast iron with the hammer I decided to just unscrew the balljoint from the tie rod and just counted the number of turns so I could get it back to 0 again when I put it back together...

Total repair time was 45 minutes per side...

Everything worked out great!


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