Top Dress Soybeans


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Hey guys,

I planted soybeans on a 2 acre food plot for the first time this year and they came in great. Currently they are about waist high if not a little bit taller, tons of pods, and looking great. I am starting to plan on top dressing them here in the next couple weeks and just wanted to get opinions on the right timing, what to seed, etc. I am located in NE Oklahoma and have another 2 acre food plot that is being planted with Whitetail Institute Beets & Greens. I am going back and forth between just top dressing the soybeans with something simple like oats or wheat, or adding a mix that includes some brassicas as well. I even saw Mossy Oak Biologic Green Patch at Tractor Supply the other day. Anybody have any suggestions or things that have worked well for them? Thanks guys!
When your leaves turn yellow, broadcast your seeds. Wheat, cereal rye, clovers, brassica's, would all be good choices. When the leaves drop, they will cover your seeds, assuming you get some good seed to soil contact.
I agree with FarmerD - wait until the beans start to yellow......then broadcast small hard seed like brassica and clovers as well as cereal grains. Pick and chose if you like or just toss it all out there and see what you get. I do this to my beans. I simply mix the seed and then use a chest or small broadcaster and walk every other row or offset your path about 8 feet or so and just let the seed fly! As the beans dry down they allow more and more light and the rain and falling bean leaves will do the rest. Keep in mind what you want to accomplish as some plants are annuals and the frost will kill them (like oats and annual clovers) while others can survive the winter like wheat and rye and be back come spring time. I even have turnips survive the winter and blot come spring time here.