Too late to plant?


It looks like next week will be our first real chance of rain since Mid summer I guess. It's been so long now that I can't even remember. Tomorrow I plan on sowing rye and wheat. I have clover and brassica also but I am afraid it might be too late for that. Any thoughts? I am in North Alabama.

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I planted last week (coastal SC) and I plan on broadcasting rye/clover/chicory on some other plots this Sunday. It's obviously late but something might grow.
Here in Upstate SC we are now approaching a deficit of 13" in our rain fall. The forecast does look favorable for next Tues/Wednesday. Our farmers are currently drilling it's not too late to plant winter wheat, or rye grain. I plan to put some nitrogen on my fields to see if that might perk them up with some rain.
Drilling rye, radish, hairy vetch and oats thru the end of the week.
Broadcasting clovers, ptt, and rapeseed on top and cultipacking.
Waited 90 days to have any moisture.
Am working plowed ground only cut two inches deep.
Just hope it works:D
I have planted WW, WR, and RC here early Nov, and I am good bit north of you. Should be fine. If I were including a brassica, I'd use a forage radish for leaf and not bulb production. Looks like a mostly mild early winter so should be good….except it just won't rain.

Planted this plot last two weekends ago. Planted another one last week that is in the early germination stage.

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That tree is something else. Beautiful spot

South Carolina Low Country is beautiful. Good job on the late planting. We threw out a bag of rye on some plots that have some wheat/oats that survived the dry spell. Hoping they take off now and give us some good draw during rut season, which is late for us.
I planted last weekend. Wheat, rye, turnips and rape. We are getting plenty of rain now. But it is going down in the 20s next weekend.

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