Timing for clover into rye?


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I have about 2.5 acres on the west side of my switchgrass/weed plot that was mowed in September and I've since broadcast about 200 lbs of winter rye into it. The rye is up about 6", and my plan was to use the rye to nurse a crop of red and white clover . This will eventually be used as a base for a tree planting over the next few years. In the past all my clover seeding has been done in February-March as a frost seeding, but I'm curious if there are any benefits to getting the clover broadcast before the rye gets any taller this fall?
Is there any concern about the red clover germinating yet this fall? I'm sure the ladino will sprout then go dormant, but will Mammoth Red terminate if it sprouts before winter?
I cant answer to the red, but crimson clover does great mixed with white clover to help limit weeds in fall planted clover. It grows much faster and helps fill in the gaps and protect the white until spring. Most on here would agree, perennial clover is best started fall with a nurse crop, your rye, and another annual or fast growing clover like crimson or red.
On the left (light green) was my first ever food plot, ladino clover. No nurse crop, straight white clover. After reading up on food plots on the old forum, I extended it the next fall and added crimson clover and bag of oats as nurse crop. Oats winter killed (drought killed) and you can see how much healthier the new clover is.

Last year I frost seeded this strip of ladino into corn stubble, and after mowing the weeds down, I had an awesome stand emerge from the shadows of giant ragweed and marestail.
This is a pic of the rye that I’m planning to add the clover in for next years firebreak/ tree planting.

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