This caught my eye yesterday - not sure what it is


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Is this spicebush....or something else? I know it's not JBH!! If it it worth a toot for anything? Obviously I have seed that could be collected.....

unknown bush 1.jpg unknown bush 2.jpg
Yes it is spicebush. Deer will seldom browse it - especially one that size. Lots of birds will use the seed and the flowers will be visited by various bees and insects.
Yep, definitely spicebush.
My deer will eat the leaves in early fall. There is occasional browsing on the twigs.
It does create some low cover and can be a decent screen in shady areas. Some of my access routes are within spicebush patches. I can get pretty close to some bedding areas when there is a spicebush screen.
I have no issues with it being around.
It usually stump sprouts if you cut it back. I can cut shooting lanes thru it and the following year it has re-grown.
Stand sites in spicebush patches are nice because it creates a feeling of security to deer and less chance of being seen in the tree. The downside of that is your vision of approaching deer is often limited. We have some extensive patches of the stuff. I generally like having it. Its a native bush thats better than some of the other crap that we battle.
Cool....and thanks. I thought that was what it was but wasn't 100%. I don't have a lot of shrubs so maybe the birds will help me spread it some. I may help it a little as well, but nothing that will warrant a lot of effort on my part. It was/is a pretty big shrub...I'm guessing 8 feet tall and that big around as well. I could see how they would make some good cover.