Thinning Sawtooth Oaks


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My dad planted these sawtooths in 2000, and to me it looks like they should be thinned. Ideally I would cut every other tree down, but in this case that would leave some crappy trees and remove good ones. Should I just cut the weak looking trees and let nature do the rest?




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How far apart?I may be wrong but I would leave them.I have many planted about like that and unless you can spade and move after a couple years then mine stay.I lost several to canker a couple years ago so that let me have them come back from stump sprout
Since they're not shading each other much, I'd leave them alone. If you're concerned about competition for fertility, you could always fertilize them.

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I think 20 feet. Maybe I will just trim the lower branches so I can bush hog around the trees easier. Thanks.

If they are all bearing I would not cull any. I would certainly prune any limits that caused me issues when I ran the bush hog.

They were well planted and are not shading each other out. Prune the limbs needed and fertilize them appropriately.

They look good to me - most wish they were so lucky. ;)
Just did round one of lower limb pruning. I was pretty conservative but I think they turned out pretty good. Now I have to go clean up my mess.
These are year 2006 Sawtooth oaks that I have been pruning lately. They have produced well but needed a haircut. I just dropped the lower limbs and piled them in ditch with FEL on tractor. I thought today that they were pretty close but doing well.
Looks like I should get one more limb on that front one
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Its a toss up. I am more prone to thinning these days. With room to grow on two sides, youre not going to hurt for production.
I do see one with a very low fork. Many of mine will split along a fissure like that. So you might have to cull some eventually anyway.
Very well. Mine (planted in 2000) have been bearing for years now. The deer practically fight each other over them.