T-Max Shed Thread


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I am an avid shed hunter, so I thought I should have one of these. Here is my first shed of the year. Scored it at 69-6/8. Not bad!!! I included a pic on the counter to give some reference of size. I glassed it on the way home on Tuesday 2/7/16, so I want to go look for the match this weekend. Looks to be a painful break. I hope it isn't enough to effect antler growth in the future.

The wife also scored last Sunday. Not a bad surprise for so early in the season.

I hope to get out a little bit on Sunday and look around since trail cams are showing lots of shed off bucks...congrats on the finds!
T Max

That is a good shed - no doubt. With some growth should be in the 170s next fall. Now that should give you reason to hit the woods and trails come fall. Wife's shed is a good one too. Keep up the good work. ;)

Thanks for sharing.

Found a nice set this weekend. If you look closely at the top center, the tines of its match are sticking up through the grass.