Swollen deer butt

Is she dead? Roadkill? I've seen that when they get hit by a car. Puts a lot of pressure on the guts and they will take the path of least resistance.
I shot her, she ran 200 yards and was dead in seconds. I watched her for at least 15 minutes while she fed on white oak acorns. She appeared healthy.

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What did you find if anything when you opened her up?

I'm wondering if it was caused by:
An insect that crawled in there and it festered
Swollen Anal Gland (dogs get these and boy do they stink when the Vet squeezes the junk out)
I deboned her, gutless method. Once the meat was taken care of I did take a look, mainly to confirm she wasn’t pregnant. It would be very odd this time of year but she was really fat. She wasn’t pregnant; stomach content was bright green, nothing obvious but I’m no biologist.

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