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Good afternoon gents!
I planted Sunn Hemp in a pasture last year it did pretty good. I used a low rate mixed with buckwheat and it never got above 2-3 feet.
I also planted it in a previously wooded area I opened up for a deer plot. This spot didn’t do too well. I didn’t disc it in so my germination rate was low.
I really want this spot to improve. It gets pretty good sunlight. The soil ph is about 5. What other companion plants can I add to the Sunn Hemp mix to improve the soil? I have a 50# bag of hybrid pearl Millet and 10# of Lablab


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Cow peas, they will climb the sunn hemp and make a jungle assuming deer don't demolish.5 lbs sunn hemp, 50 lbs peas. throw a little buck wheat in if you want. Great for soil, great for deer.And yes some lime looks necessary.I'm not a big fan of lab lab but thats just me. Peas are just as good, less expensive and more adaptable.